Feb 3, 2011


Music is one of things that I would die without. Ever since I've had the iPhone, Pandora is on all the time (RIP black iPod I've had for years and have tons of GBs on.. I'll try and pick you up more often). These past 2 weeks it's been Jaymay's station. It's super girly and fun and soulful. It's been exactly what I've needed in stressful times. Drew doesn't let me play it on our home speakers, so when I have my headphones on, it's me time. It's nice.

Here are those that I've tagged as my favorites on Pandora since Sept. 2010:

Josephine-Brandi Carlile
Age Old Blue- Alela Diane
Wayfaring Stranger- Neko Case
Only As The Day Is Long- Sera Cahoone 
Dog Days Are Over- Florence + The Machine (click here to see music video that I LOVE, except for the weird blue woman in the left corner, she's odd). The scenes reminds me of my dear friend's recent shoot.
Say Hello- Rosie Thomas
The Polite-Katie Todd
Matinee- Hurts To Purr
My Broken Heart- Noah and the Whale

I can always tell when I forget to sign out of my account on an open computer because the next time I log in, there are a few new stations added. Like right now, there is:

Fun. Radio
John Mayer Radio
Wanna Be A Baller Radio
Paul Baloche Radio
Queen Radio
Are We There Yet? Radio

No offense to people that really like the above bands or stations...I am just pointing out how funny it is to see what people add. I wonder why they don't just get their own stations? They clearly know how to use it so do they have their own and are just lazy to log out of mine and re-sign in?

What stuff are you listening to lately?

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