Feb 2, 2011

As of late..

Besides the crazy amount of school hours a week or besides looking like a 14 year old everyday because I don't have time to blow dry or put mascara on, life is alright. I am appreciating my last few days as a cougar and a Utah resident. I realize that life after school doesn't get easier, in fact it may get busier. Well define busy. Anyways- this is what we've been up to lately, good or bad:

1. Eating tons of mexican food. I keep making the cafe rio ranch dressing and it's amazing. Super easy to make too. So because I keep making the dressing, we gotta put it on stuff right?
2. Insomnia still. I am beginning to hate our bedroom more and more because it reminds me of how much I don't sleep. While staying awake and instead of being productive and working, I think about how I want darker curtain so I can't see the glow from our street light.
3. We are making TONS of things lately. We have always been the D-I-Y type people, but it seems even more so lately (when we're really busy) than ever before. I have successfully made 3 copper baskets- from scratch. Just finished a binding a book (my first one, many more to come before May comes along!), Drew upholstered our office chair, and he also is working on our new kitchen table. I'll make sure to post all these when I have time and when they're complete.
4. Drew is working a ton with GD and music. Big things are going to be happening people!
5. I'm really clausterphobic lately. The crowds at BYU gets me really anxious and I just want to scream at them when someone is texting and isn't watching where they're going or someone is walking super slow and I have no where to go except to stay right behind them. Hopefully this stops soon because I'm on campus every day and deal with this every 50 minutes.
6. I'm still baby hungry. Do people ever switch and turn to be not so baby hungry? Man it's been the death of me for almost 2 years now.
7. The Bachelor. I know, I hate to say it but why not? Something mindless and dramatic is the key to a long and stressful day. I love to laugh at the girls and also cry with them. Anytime Emily is talking about Ricky, I start to tear up, turn to Drew, and tell him he's not allowed to ever die. At least not before me.
8. Finally finished the book THE HELP last month. I'm pretty sure everyone's read it..but if you have not, YOU HAVE TO READ IT! It was so amazing. I wished I read it consistently all the way through, but man I would read it ten more times it was so good. I think about it atleast once a day. Click here to buy it!
9. I'm really hating coats. I've always hated extra thick layers but I've switched to panic attacks when I have too much on. Like I freak out and have to strip down. It makes me more stressed I'm finding out. This isn't the most conveinant thing, seeing as today was 7 degrees at 9am this morning, and right now it's 18 degrees. The sun is going down in a few minutes. NOOO!
10. We get to hang out with Drew's parents for a whole week...in a few weeks! They're coming home to check out his new job starting in the fall, and they're also house hunting. We are more than excited.
11. Drew just opened for The Civil Wars. We love their music and them as people. We later went up to PC to see them again.
12. My sister is on the Mormon Bachelor.. vote for her by clicking "like" underneath the first video!!! She'll get to go on a second date.

okay is that too long of a post? oops. psychology is way too boring.


Laura Hendricks said...

i want to see the DIY projects! i am working on reupholstering another chair too. so satisfying in the end. hang in there. the end of the cold is in sight :)

Melly Mel said...

i love it that you wrote this all down. i like that i get to read your thoughts.
love you.