Feb 7, 2011

DIY #1- Chair

This is our new refurnished chair (first DIY project of 2011). My mom sent this chair with us when we made the trek from CA to UT in 2008 when we got married- because we seriously had no chairs. It's been in our office in front of my desktop ever since. But everyday, before sitting on it, I'd look at the torn and stained off white fabric and sorta not wanna sit. So finally I just bought fabric and Drew simply staple-gunned the sucker. I LOVE the green stripes with the brown. I could eat it I love it so much. I know, I need to get over my stripes obsession before my house looks like a circus, but not yet. I gotta make the most of this trend before I can't easily buy striped things for cheap.


Laura Hendricks said...

cool! and i'm still laughing about "jeans. same pair i dun kur"

hahha cracks me up.

m.estelle said...

you are so crafty. i love the stripes.

elise. yes. april. and thank goodness because any longer and i just don't know if i could make it!
good luck with this last semester, woman! you can do it!!! (i say that to myself every morning. i seriously have to get PUMPED to walk out the door...huh? (for real))


Chelsea B. said...

I love the fabric the green and brown go great together! fun project!