Feb 9, 2011

Homemade Pad Thai

Lately I've been having cravings. The kind that make you act impulsively- to the point where if you don't eat that soon, you're going to die. I'm guessing the cravings come from never being home and always on the go. And my mind is processing information from about 7-9:30 everyday. Anyways- I got a big time cravingtwo days ago and I really didn't want to spend 20 bucks + tip for someone to make Pad Thai... so I just spent the 10 dollars for ingredients and did it myself! I've never cooked it before so I thought it'd be fun and I had a few extra hours to kill (very rare these days). 

Well....  30 minutes later, I swore that I'd never make this again until I have a massive pan to saute everything (WOK from Ikea that's mostly likely less than $5). It was brutal. Our biggest skillet is our "gluten" skillet so that couldn't be touched. I ended up using one little skillet then had to transfer the oil, eggs and shrimp over to the pasta pot where the noodles were. So 4 pots and 1 strainer later- I had made a successful dish. 

Instead of buying all the ingredients for the sauce (like fish sauce and white sugar and pure sugar...) just buy the sauce at the grocrey store! And make sure to add an extra egg and squirt lots of lime all over the noodles while it's saute-ing. It made the flavor come out.

[I had to photograph it because I thought this would be the last time I'd ever make any kind of asian food...]

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Melly Mel said...

this looks so good elise. so so good.