Jan 20, 2011

You could maybe say I like games.

This photo was taken after I organized my living room dresser. Luckily the shelves are huge! i have to hide my addiction from friends that come visit.. the friends that just don't appreciate my addition. Any time I have down time with Drew or friends, it's the first thing that pops into my head. I don't usually say anything until someone says " I know what Elise wants to do..." 

Starting with wedding gifts, we've accumulated quite the collection! We love to play cards and have started to collect them whenever we travel or have a big group and need more decks. Our most recent additions are THINGS and SCATTEGORIES. My mom bought Drew the game Things because she thought he wanted Scattegories (when really it was me that wanted it :) and she couldn't find Scattegories anywhere. So I ended up just buying Scattegories because I couldn't handle it anymore. I just NEEDED it! We played THINGS just about every night we were home for Christmas break. My family was way into it but had to watch our answers so that mom wouldn't get mad and say we were "notty". If you haven't played this game, it's a must. Come over and we'll play it!

Now if only I can get Drew to love games as much as I do. Baby steps.


Laura Hendricks said...

CURSES! oh wow. you have to be totally fine with looking like a fool to play that game.

i remember some crazy jazz going on while playing that game with you guys one time.

thobeka said...

we are seriously lacking in the games department - i need to rectify this! love your collection.

Julie said...

GREAT idea for a photo of the day!! We (I) love games as well...luckily, it's rubbing off on the kids!

Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

Wish you would come home so we could play more games together!!!! One of my favorite nights was when you guys came over and we just played scattegories and talked forever! Miss you!