Jan 19, 2011


I am in psychology 101 class right now.. and that's when I decided to put all the emails in to make my blog a private blog. That's how boring it is. This class is definitely not what I thought it would be. It's all about learning how to read journals and critiquing them and educating us in the terms and biology. Nothing cool. Bummer. Maybe next semester. Oh wait! There is no next semester! I'm done suckers!

Okay I can't get too excited yet.. I still have 18 credits and 3 months left. Ugh. Can I handle it? This has been a pretty trying 15 days. Even the weekends have been tough. I never knew 7 classes would be THIS tough. I mean I knew it would be tough but you never know until you do it right? I am doing some cool things like right now, I'm working on making baskets, binding books (I've tried to get into this class for 4 years straight!), and I'll be doing this one-on-one class with a photography professor. Other classes I'm not so happy about are STATS. Ugh. I've avoided this one like the plague but you know. I gotta. Too bad I didn't take an SAT or ACT to pass out of it!

If all my classes were at oh I don't know, 9-3pm and then I'm done, I would be sailing. But they're all over the place! One day I get home at 8:15pm which is border line bed time for me. Another day I get home at 6:45pm after being on campus since 9. That day is definitely eat string cheese and vitamin water and maybe a snickers for energy. It's hard eating gluten free on campus! And I admit, I've been pretty spoiled all my 4 years. I would wiggle my way around my schedule to where I have just enough time to go home and take a nap, or go get lunch at home, or just have morning classes and no friday classes..this semester is the opposite of everything I've ever avoided.

Side note: Just because I made this private doesn't mean I'm going to start saying things I wouldn't want anyone to find out about. It's just the same 'ol me. Sorry.

Other side note: This photo was taken today on my phone as I was walking to my STATS class. I texted it to my Dad because he sends me about 4-5 pictures of the beach a week. And Drew. We always get the text message at the same time and sorta cry inside. So then in turn, we send him what's it like where we are. I think he does this so that we are more motivated to get there quicker. For good.

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