Oct 7, 2010

September 30

I have been laying in a bed for 7 days straight. 7 days ago, I went into the ER being told from BYU's urgent care that my IUD couldn't be found and that is why I had cramping and bleeding- it's probably lodged into my right fallopian tube. Turned out that was false and that the problem was that I was pregnant, probably between 1-2 months, and that the baby had grown too big to be in the fallopian tube because by that time, naturally, the baby was supposed to be in the uterus. So my tube ruptured. The blood from the tube was floating around my belly. After 5 hours of waiting & wondering & wishing & hoping, I was rushed into emergency surgery and came out of it 2 hours later without a tube or IUD. They call this pregnancy I had a tubal pregnancy, or ectopic pregnancy. Mine just bursted, making things a little more risky. If they had left the tube in, just repairing it, there are good chances that it would happen every time I got pregnant, in that same tube.

Some facts from this whole week:
1. One month ago, I knew I was pregnant. I was nauseous. Unbearably nauseous. I would have the most amazing meal ready for me to eat...and by the 3rd bite I would have to scrap it off my tongue with a napkin and throw it away before I continued to gag. I did this for just about every meal, and most days I didn't even bother trying with breakfast. Eating was hard for about 2.5 weeks and then it subsided. It would happen maybe once every 3 days after that. I have taken pregnancy tests before, but this time, I really talked myself into thinking I was pregnant, that I couldn't handle the heartache when I saw the negative sign. So I never took it.
2. HCG levels were only at 899 so a home pregnancy test wouldn't have been able to detect. Only a blood test.
3. This Ectopic pregnancy was NOT caused by my IUD. It just didn't prevent it. I guess now we know that we are fertile people, right?
4. I will have future healthy pregnancies, as long as I go get this certain shot before, and if they see that I am pregnant early enough. They said they'd give me special treatment because I only have one tube. So that makes me feel better. Anytime I think I may be pregnant, I need to go get my blood drawn to detect it. Then they'll find out. They said they'd do that hundreds of times for me.
5. They didn't do a D&C in the surgery.
6. Our blood types put together are what may have caused this ectopic pregnancy.

We are devastated about our poor baby that didn't get a chance to enjoy life in my tummy and devastated that we didn't get a chance to know about it. This has opened our eyes a lot about how fragile life is. It was a blessing and a big trial put into one. We are grateful we found out we were pregnant the same minute we found out about the dangers of this happening and having to rush to surgery because I don't think we would have handled it the same if we knew for a few weeks that we were actually pregnant.

We just keep saying to each other that we are one step closer to having a baby and that makes laying in bed for 14 days straight that much better.


Aubry Tucker said...

I'm so sorry Elise:( I hope you are doing alright and recovering quickly. We miss you in class.

La Esposa said...

Sweet Elise, please know that Kyle and I will pray for you and Drew. It sounds like you're handling this rather well, but please let us know if there's anything we can do. Can we bring you guys dinner maybe? Take care mija.

Chelsea B. said...

babe, i heard and i am glad the future is positive! i love you so much!!! i saw you were searching for movies -- dane and i are watching all the seasons of the office and we love it.. you might have already seen that or not just a suggestion :) youre awesome and im thinking about you babe

flexMD said...

Life is very fragile.
But Heavenly Father always knows how to comfort us when the trials are here... :) Things have been a little trying in our family too lately and I have been really scared..
All during conference I kept having this prompting:

DO NOT FEAR. I am with you. I will go before your face..be on your left and your right.

He always knows the thoughts and wishes of our hearts..

Love you girl. Feel better and really if you need me to come clean stuff, hang, craft, give you a foot rub...

m. estelle said...

elise. oh geez. there were tears in my eyes before i could do anything to stop them.
i'm praying for you, woman. i hope you're feeling better.

Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

i love you!

Rob and Elyse said...

Elise! Omg.... I can't even imagine! I loved this post, however, mainly because it just proves to the world how strong you truly are. I love reading things like that, because it helps me to know that if others can be strong - i can be strong... with whatever is thrown at me. Its so incredible the medicine and what the doctors can do these days to help bring life into the world - and what a great thing to be grateful for... That they were able to heal you and start to help as you begin this new journey. I am so glad you are ok! 14 days in bed is a long time - but sooo glad you are ok, that they were able to start the healing process... I just always do the whole "it could be worse" thing... Anyways.. I am rambling.. But you will be an incredible mother, and the Lord will bless you with children - and it will be beautiful... It just stinks that beauty cant happen without a little pain mixed in.

Please please be gentle with that body and let people serve you while youre healing! I would bring dinner or clean your house or something but unfortunately rexburg is a smidge far... I feel so helpless!! just know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Lara said...

I am so sorry, Elise. I had no idea this all was going on with you and Drew. Sounds like we are going through similar things right now. We will keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers.

This experience will only make the day when it does happen that much sweeter.


Melly Mel said...

this is so sad. i love you elise

Kristin said...

I'm so sorry this happened, Elise! I hope your little bod is getting all healed up. Sending love and blessings your way. (I mean, we know I'm not actually the blessing sender or anything, but you know. THOUGHTS of blessings.)