Oct 5, 2010

25 reasons why I love this 25 year old man.

1. He's smart. He's a book worm AND street smart! Two in one!
2. He was raised by a wonderful family that taught him great things about life.
3. He's very very handsome. Like terribly, uncomfortably beautiful. I say that becaus he probably makes other women feel uncomfortable because I get to lace my arm around his. And that makes them jealous.
4. Comedy movies are his favorite.
5. He's passionate.
6. He writes beautiful beautiful beautiful music. And I get to hear all his songs before anyone else does! It's the best!
7. He feeds me/rents me movies/changes my clothes/helps me up/lays me down when I'm bed ridden for 14+ days.
8. He likes to look nice...no pajamas to a 7/11 trip or campus...no way jose. He thinks that's just sloppy and ugly. I agree. It's all we see here in good ol' Cougar town.
9. He appreciates beautiful things.
10. He is quite the artist.
11. He's an independent type and could spend all his days alone, but chooses to spend his days with me.
12. He's an eater and will eat almost anything you put in front of him. Just not tuna or artichokes with butter.
13. To say he's funny is an understatement, but no one will really understand that until they become one of his bestest friends. I can't count on my hand all of his accents he has perfected, the dances he does when no one is around, the raps he creates, the strange vocab he invents or twists... the list goes on folks.
14. He has the traveling bug in him and wants to take me all over the world.
15. Loves the beach (praise the heavens!...i took a chance with the Utah born & raised boy.)
16. Just because he loves the beach, doesn't mean he hates the mountains..he loves them! I can't wait for him to take our family camping one day because we sure know it won't be me in charge of it!
17. He'll never admit it but he actually enjoys some of the chick flicks we watch. I don't have to beg & plead with him to watch them with me.
18. His hobby is finding & collecting. This is something I need to learn to love so I added this to the list :) He loves to collect and I love to throw away! We're learning okay?
19. Has a sense of interior design.
20. Worked construction for a long time so he's good with house work and actually wants to do it.
21. Supports me in my school & work.
22. He knows the perfect time to care what people think about him
23. He's sensitive.
24. He looks to the future and wants to provide for us. He loves to talk about his kids and wonders what they'll be like.
25. He counts his blessings and blesses my life everyday.

Happy Birthday (yesterday) my darling. I love you and your quarter of a century aged self.

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kristi neil said...

love you two love birds. happy birthday drew!!!