Oct 9, 2010

The Time Traveler's Wife

I finally finished this book three days ago. I bought it in San Clemente at a used book store in the middle of AUGUST and finished it October 6??? Wow. Shame on me. But I blame it on my love of the story. I seriously fell in love with Clare and Henry that I wish I could just keep on reading.

I loved this book so much. It is the ultimate love story (I am a lover of all lovers). I tend to stay away from fantasy stories, where it's just too unbelievable and it's hard for me to accept that, so I move on. And this story seemed like it would have been one of those for me. But it wasn't. Henry, a time traveler, was just as real to me as my own husband is real to me. I fell in love with Henry and compared him to Drew. Not really compared, but Clare's Henry, was my Drew. I cried like a baby in the end and had to cry to Drew because I felt Clare's fate is my fate... haha. I have to laugh at myself because I get so worked up in reading.

I am grateful that I ended up liking it. The beginning was hard for me because of the date/age/time changes that I thought I would give up...but secretly I was savoring every word and going back to read past passages so that the current one would make sense- so I would really understand and enjoy it.

So thanks Audrey. I must now move on to the next three books on my list. One at a time.

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