Sep 15, 2010

Luncheon for the birthday chicks.

{cake photos done by alexis}

You never know how loved you really are until you see it right in front of your face. My dearest friend Halen decided that a good way to celebrate my birthday would be to throw me a luncheon! And it worked out great because our other friend Marianna's birthday was 4 days after we met in the middle and celebrated both of our birthdays. Everything from the time of day, the decor, the company, the well prepared food & the gluten-free cake (thanks Mar!) was just fabulous. We had such a fun time without the boys (which are really just a distracting part of women socializing). This definitely made my birthday very sweet. Love you all!


Halen said...

I have a thought. It's that this was a great day. :)

flexMD said...

a great but sickie day...I have never looked so close to death. Ha!