Sep 13, 2010

My 22nd birthday.

My birthday was real great. My birthday eve was spent with Halen & Ash @ Golden Spoon (just opened in Orem)..where I predicted I would see more than 1 of my California friends there. I was right, I saw 4.

I woke up with kisses from Drew, later was spoiled and opened presents like a striped pillow (because I just can't get enough), a few shirts, and a mirror that I am IN LOVE WITH! Then to school for 7 hours, deciding to drop out of 4 of those hours (where my impulsive gene became real strong) and then Mandarin chinese food in Bountiful... dinner gift from Drew's parents.

22 feels alright. I can't wait to have my birthday while I'm NOT going to school..that will be a breathe of fresh air. And next year we will be living in California. We don't know where but I'm sure we will make it to me & grandma's traditional San O all day birthday celebration. So come on 23.

Luncheon photos to follow.

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Natalie said...

DREW! YOU ARE SO YOUNG!!! for all your accomplishments! I can't believe it! I had no idea you just turned 22. you're blowing my mind right now.