Sep 18, 2010

Sunday Dinner, September 12

{I didn't have any basil and it was Sunday...}

A lot of the dinners I cook are inspired by my genius sister Lindsay. Any recipe of hers is bound to be a new favorite of mine, so I cook most all of them. Above is a photo of her tomato sauce. It's the easiest, most flavorful sauce you will ever eat. I don't know why I have all those recipe blogs listed on the right because her blog is the only one I frequent. I know she keeps my brother and their kids very happy by filling up their bellies.

So here is the recipe for the sauce. I didn't have an onion so I used onion powder & onion was amazing! 

I also just put it on pizza for tonight's Wednesday night dinners, {recently changed from Tuesday nights} and it was so delicious! It was chunky and yum yum yummy. Everyone loved it and asked if it was homemade or not.


Heather and Taylor said...

I love her recipes too! They are delicious!

Jessie Huish said...

we grow basil.. bummer. you can steal it from our pot out front any day of the week.