Sep 3, 2010

I really am happy person..

For all of you that called, texted, commented, messaged... please know that I am okay!!! Don't let that last post scare you. I AM graduating, in fact 3 hours after I pressed "PUBLISH", my teacher emailed me giving me the add code I needed to take that particular class. I still think he's out to get me, but I really think it's for good intentions and he wants me to stay in school longer because he has high hopes for me. But I wanted to say that I hope I didn't sound like I'm pessimistic about school. Well, I generally am, and any conversation we have about it, will not give me a smile on my face. But in the midst of it all, I enjoy learning and enjoy my simple life. I don't work besides my wedding business and really all my worries are paying rent, eating gluten free, and turning assignments in on time.

When I am stressed and worried, it's because I've been absent from the beach for much too long, need to be drenched in water and need to be in the sun for longer than a fifteen minute walk from one side of campus to the next. This last week of school has probably been the longest week of my college career, if not of my entire existence. Seriously. I'm pretty sure it's because I had such a fun summer and really little worries that having a schedule again, tuition loans and being stuck in a classroom with no windows really got to me.

I have so much to love and be happy about my life, but don't always post it on my blog for all to see...I think it can be cliche on blogs and when my kids see MY blog in a book one day, I'd be lying to them if all I posted on here were my happy times. I have bad days and I happened to have a bad day the day before my birthday. Yes! My birthday was yesterday and it was really great. I was in school for 7 hours of it, but besides that, it was fantastic. More on that later. But I have such great family & friends that wished me a great happy birthday and sent gifts. This is probably the first year I feel older- at age 22. You know how every year, you feel the same? For some reason, this one I do. Maybe it's because I see things coming to an end... last year of school and last year living in Provo and in this home and we made our own. I wouldn't call myself experienced or even grown up, but I feel like I'm starting to understand things more with a more open mind.

My Grandma Osterkamp & I share the same birthday. She turned 50 the day I was born so it's always easy to remember how old she is! Anyways- she sent me our horoscope for September 2nd (yesterday).

" This year, you plunge ahead and experience new ideas. Often , you find others to be abrupt or unpredictable. Make that OK, as you won't be able to change others, and you never really have been able to. You can, however, choose your reaction. Often, you are so much in your head that others need to nearly  break in. You might be reticent to take a stand.  Curb a tendency to make decisions or judgements without other's feedback and acknowledgement.  Inspiration comes from a new element in your life. Be careful about spending  and over induldging!"

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