Sep 7, 2010

I love my family!

The last time I went home was just a two day trip, one of the days I was shooting a wedding in San Diego...but I did get to spend the afternoon before with these guys in the pool. They had just gotten back from the beach and needed to "de-sand".
 I love them so much! They are such little buddies. Look at Micahs face..haha!
 She wanted to show me what she does when she's a Monkey.

We can all hardly wait for Lindsay to have her little boy. I think she is 5 months in this photo...barely coming up on 5 months? The time before this, she wasn't showing at all... so it was fun to see her this time in her suit. Had to get a shot.
 Me kissin' Micah Man... when he was a baby he would laugh so hard when you kissed him on the neck and sorta tickle him with your lips. The sorta laugh that made him lose his breathe and then soon get frustrated...haha I was doing that here.

Jadey is so cute because she is the sweetest little thing, but then she gets rebellious, but not mean rebellious. More like smirking & grinning rebellious. It's so cute. We were trying to get her to go to the car, but instead she was doing really slow leap frogs.

{I am supposed to be editing photos of the last wedding I shot, but instead I've been sitting here booking flights to California! Jet Blue has some really great deals now. One flight is for a show that Parlor Hawk is playing...right up the street from where my family lives.. The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano. They're playing with the Weepies! I am not joking. It's going to be so great! Everyone mark your calendars! October 14! San Juan! Coach House! The other flights I bought were for Thanksgiving! I need to calm down before I watch my bank account deplete... I am real close to booking Christmas flights as well... getting excited for the Holidays!!!!!!!!!}

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Kelsie Lynn said...

whoa nelly. with The Weepies? Thats totally incred. !