Sep 9, 2010


Some great movies we've seen lately:
I saw Flipped with my mom @ the Irvine Spectrum, not hearing a stitch about this...but she had already seen it, and couldn't resist seeing it again. Um yeah, I would see it 100 times and still not get sick of it. Not sure why it's not in Utah or why people haven't heard of it... maybe it will or was only at the Broadway theatre in SLC ? It's a must see.

I didn't read this book so maybe that's why I liked it. Or maybe it's because I obsess over Julia & every film she's in. Or maybe because she's such a free bird. I don't even know.  Just go see it.

Need I explain why? All I'm going to say is I'm pretty sure it stopped spinning. Drew thinks the opposite.

Very funny. Drew is an Arrested Development fan so was very excited to see that he was the main actor. And Jen, I mean who doesn't love Jen in a quality chick flick... ? I thought the little boy in this looks a TON like my nephew Jack.

And both hot single moms... ? Yeah I think so.

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Laura Hendricks said...

girl it kept on spinning. maybe not. i don't know! this is exactly the confusion they wanted