Jul 1, 2010

My attempt at updating you all..

 So these past 9 days... I have been flying solo. Well, really Drew is but I feel even more so than he is. He's out with Joshua's tour band with just Mark, and having seriously the time of his LIFE! He played a few nights at a music festival in Kentucky and an old mansion..he is loving it. Then here I am in hot, don't-have-a-pool Provo. But even if I did have a pool, I wouldn't have had the time to enjoy it because I have been so busy editing photos before we leave to Lake Shasta for a week...then two more weeks of being at the beach with Drew's family. No joke, I did engagements 7 hours ago, and they are now online...I mean business. This has been my routine everyday for the past 9 days..

8am- alarm goes off
9am- get out of bed & eat cereal (one day I did make this lovely treat..)
9:15-2pm edit photos
2pm-lunch in the kitchen
2:30-put the photos on a disc while editing another client's photos
3pm-disc failed to burn, burn it again and hope it works
3:30-get disc ready to mail
4pm-put photos online while editing more photos
5pm-10pm-edit edit EDIT (usually didn't eat dinner... depressing right?)
10pm-try to go to sleep...but my brain is so fried that it's hard to.

Luckily I got a few breaks, went to dinner with Brittney Bean, attempted the pool with Ashley Haugen, after finishing a wedding (wanting to treat myself) but then it started to rain... got a visit from the Jellings & John & Laura!! and rented 3 red boxes to get me through editing all those hours. Oh and for the first time in my life, I went to 7/11 all by myself, just to get myself a diet coke. I was getting tired. (ps. i am an accomplished stick shift driver now. i can't imagine going back to driving an automatic car..)

I have been missing my boy more than ever... and just when I thought it could get worse, this song comes on by Phosphorescent. And it made it even worse.

Can I sleep in your arms tonight, lady?
It's so cold lyin' here all alone
And I have no hold to hold on you
And, I assure you, I'll do you no wrong

I don't know why, but the one I love left me
Left me cold and alone and so weak
And I need someone's arms to hold me
Till I'm strong enough to get back on my feet

Gotta start getting ready for another engagement shoot, that I will finish editing by tomorrow morning...

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