Jul 2, 2010

Family @ Lestats

Parlor Hawk was able to play in San Diego, so most of my family.. and ALL of my immediate family came to see...that was the best part of it all! I couldn't have been happier. I have some photos of my mom & dad, but my mom would have to approve of them first before they're put on a blog.

Melissa is the true super-fan. She came to Hotel Cafe the night before, and then brought friends to the SD show.

Drew's grandparent's & cousin were also able to come to the SD one AND aunt and uncles to the LA show. Such a treat.


Anonymous said...

every bone speaks to my heart.
I put the lp link on my blog.

thanks for the up lifting tune.

Melly Mel said...

so i have a muffin top in the second picture.......

enough about me... this was a super fun night!!! i loved it. they did awesome and it was great to be with the family!

Julie said...

You need to tell us about these things!! We would have been there in a heartbeat!
I've been dying that all his shows are far away from us! Next time! :)