Jul 4, 2010

Sometimes people ask me...

what Drew looked like as a kid. Well people, here are these glorious photos of the cutest baby boy I've ever seen.

Oh my. I think this is the reason I want kids so bad..is because of these photos of him in his blue jumper. You could already tell he'd be a heartbreaker.
Where'd the curly-locks go?

(ps. happy fourth)


Tesiah said...

i think the pic of the kid on the red bike may actually be conrad... for real.

Tony said...

I'm curious, do you have any relation to John Andrew Capener, or Ted Capener who has his own show at KUED?

I happen to be an extremely close friend of both of them, and so I was curious if you were relatives, whether close or distant!

I tend to generally love and appreciate anyone I meet with that last name :D

Tony said...

By the way, wonderful photographs! Is there a way that I could hear a sampling of what is on that Parlor Hawk CD?