Jun 30, 2010

Okay I just can't do it..

Atleast not now. I was thinking about all the private blogs that I read...and all I can think of is how many I DON'T read. Most of the time, I'm not logged in, until I am compelled to make a comment, so then I have to sign in and sometimes I type my password in wrong...and then I just get frustrated. I know, could I get any more lazy? I just don't want to make all you guys have to type in your info. It's not like I want a million readers... I guess what it comes down to is I just don't want my blog to define me and I want to feel like I can put anything on here (yes, even pictures without Drew's shirt on).

So for now, it's staying public. I may just make the decision to go private spontaneously, and luckily I will have all of your emails so thank you everyone! There are even a ton of people I had no idea read my blog! It's fabulous!!! You guys you should out from hiding and comment more ;)

Thank you to:

Estee, Leslie & David, Paola, Linds, Marianna, Cheryl, Hillary, Amanda, Amanda & Cree, Michelle, Caitlin (thanks girl, i know you are), Stephanie, Liese, Brady, Michelle, Heather (thanks for talking me out of it), Aubrey (you too), Shauny, Jon, Melissa, new friend Brit, Sarah, Lauren, Elyse (LONG TIME NO SEE!), and Lara.

See ya tomorrow. I promise guys, I've never been this indecisive.


Hope said...

Good. :) I didn't quite feel like we new each other well enough to request private access, but I do enjoy your blog.

Chelsea B. said...

whew. ok good! I am rarely logged in either. I always think about going private but i just can't do it either. what a trial we go through! :)

Rob and Elyse said...

hahah yes it HAS been a long time! I like to call myself a "blog sifter" because I like keeping up on everyone.. but haha i dont like to be called a stalker. sounds creepy. But yes - i went through this too where i just want to be able to write without worry.. haha so i just decided i was going to. if people want to read then they have to take it all.

Julie said...

I sent you an email...then I was wondering why I hadn't heard back from you...I typed your address wrong.

It went something like "heck yes I want to read your blog!" then it went on about seeing you guys while you're here...

Glad you're not going private. Glad I didn't miss the boat!