Jul 20, 2010

Everyone has to make a 4th of July post right?

What would we do without my Dad's sense of humor?

Eating in Jenny Wilson's beautiful sun room. I want one of my own one day.

Had to play a game of NERTS before dinner of course. Our new addiction.

We spent it @ 3 Arch Bay with lots of family & friends that are basically my family. Drew's never seen fireworks on the sand of a private beach, so that was fun for him, and this is one of the first 4th of julys on the sand where i DIDN'T lose a pair of shoes or sandals, so that was nice for me.

Where will we be next year? Probably back in Southern California. I don't think they celebrate the 4th of July in Switzerland.. hehe. I have yet to spend a fourth of july somewhere else. Let's see how long we can keep that record going.