Jul 29, 2010

Lake Shasta Photos- July 2010 WARNING: lots of photos.

Warning, there is probably one too many photos of Jade but I mean, how can I resist?
Celebrating Mom's birthday- July 6th. We had a make-shift birthday party and the hats were a hit! 
Bree on the paddle board. This was on the 2nd...and we didn't see her for another hour. We left her but she's a champion and made her way back. Haha!
 Blake had only been wakeboarding one other time before this wakeboarding trip, and he got so good! 

So grateful for the paddle board Mitch brought along. It was a nice break from the houseboat and the ski boat. In this particular photo, I was heading out to the ski boat everyone was on to watch from a closer view. 
I think she loves Drew just as much as he loves her.

All my boys, minus Blakey.

 Pretty sure Mitch had more wipeouts than any of us because he actually tried doing things that we were all scared to do. So bravo Mitch.
 Drew was the secret weapon. I had been wakeboarding with him once, before we got hitched, but he did nothing like this on that trip.

NERTS! Mom is way too good for our liking.
This was real sad. The second of two injuries on the trip...which was pretty good since this was one of the last few days of the trip!

Drew with our houseboat behind him. Our last spot.

Linds was seriously such a sport. She couldn't really go out in the water besides swimming and light tubing- because she's pregnant.. but she loved just being on the boat as co-captain.
Our attempts at keeping Jadey busy when she wasn't on the boat.
We were so grateful we brought surfboards along because I don't think we could have handled just wakeboarding the entire trip. I think we did this more than wakeboarding.
Sometimes Jadey had her fits because she missed her Dad too much. It was quite possibly one of the cutest things ever.

Notice Bree's cell phone behind her back. She couldn't get rid of the thing and even dropped her other one in the water, and let it sink.

It was a great & much needed trip and we were so happy we could come. We definitely missed Jack & Melis, and hopefully we can do another trip soon where they can come. If our family hated the water & the sun, it would have been the worst trip ever, but we loved it! The lake was breathtaking with all of it's different kinds of trees and all the beautiful coves. We could go to any cove in the middle of the day, and have it be glassy. My favorite will always be the 2nd spot we went to where it looked like we were looking at a postcard of Mt. Shasta. 

{Drew got 30+ mosquito bites. I got 2...hehe}

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Julie said...

Rad pictures! We've never done Lake Shasta...is the water warm? We usually go to Lake Mead. Lake Shasta looks way more picturesque!