Jul 15, 2010

Some of our home deets.

I have yet to show photos or blog of our home that we've lived in now for almost 2 years. The main reason I haven't wanted to is because that's what EVERYONE does and I didn't want to do show and tell... but now that we are happy with so many parts about it, and a lot of my family hasn't seen it, here are some photos.. 

This is in our second room, our office. I started this a while ago because I have so much "stuff" that I could easily hang and it will not get lost. Some goes into our 'scrap' book and some just stays up there..

These striped chairs that Peggy lent to us (because they're moving to Switzerland..have I mentioned that? Drew's parent's and his two youngest siblings. They moved out of their gorgeous home in Sandy, only to take adventures in Switzerland for 2+ years..Yeah kinda crazy. They leave mid August. So anyways, a lot of my new furniture is from their house that they either gave or lent us. They better move back...but they most likely will because I'm sure she'll want these chairs back...she knows I'm obsessed.
 I started this tradition when we first moved here of putting our friend's engagement photos up here. Some christmas photos stay up..but they're mostly all engagements. If you look closely, you'll probably see you!

Since we don't have a TV or anything worthy of display in front of the couch, I thought I'd just put plants up. Everyone likes plants right?

I love this mirror, lamp, AND nightstand. It's a pretty bad picture, so you can't see the detail in the night stand, but it's fabulous. It has little doors that open up. There's another one on my side of the bed.

Drew bought these knobs and I am OBSESSED. Sometimes I sit next to this cabinet just so I can look at them. He also bought me 6 more for two other dresses.. He knows me too well.

Also another place in our office.. That whole magnet board was once filled with all those magnets. I think it was overflowing. Now I'm just down to those few.

This is our "hutch".  This was also our first big furniture purchase as a married couple (I think maybe 70-90 bucks? It's totally what I love, all the details, but I'm pretty sure Drew loves it more than me. Anytime I say we should give it away and make room for another couch or something, he refuses and defends that thing like he would a child.

Ah, another piece of furniture from the Capener family. You would never guess it is slipped covered, or that the pillows are down, or that the couch could fit two of us laying flat comfortably. It's my favorite addition to the house! 

Holy smokes are these pillows not the greatest situation??? And look at what is above the bed...Drew made that! Our next door neighbors were tearing down their shed and so Drew asked if he could have some extra wood...then that same day, constructed this beauty. (the photo has a gold tint because it was sunny out, and our curtains are gold.. 

Basically I was in California for 6 weeks, and for the last 2 weeks of it, Drew was here in Provo. He was helping his parents move out of their house in Sandy, and with it, bringing furniture to our home. I came home to an almost redecorated place... and it was such a fun surprise to see because a. drew knew exactly what i would love.. and b. it was a new start... If we owned a house, we would crazy. One of our dreams is buying a fixer-upper, one with character, and going to town. Drew actually wants to make a living out of it..might be fun.

Having a comfortable home makes living here in Provo all that much easier.

disclaimer: we weren't allowed to paint, did this a while ago, and our renter has seen it but hasn't made a peep. we figure that we'll have lived here a total of 3+ years, who cares if we get our deposit back. AND this place will be rentable in a heartbeat.

(still some things i need to photograph, like the mirror cabinet that drew built, and his drawing he painted for his mom for mother's day..)


m.estelle said...

oooo. i love this. all of this.


Lara said...

I LOVE your place! Can you guys be any cuter? Don't think so. Have I said that before? Probably. And I meant it both times. :)

I was just checking out my daughter Emma's blog today and thought you'd like to see her newest post. You can access her blog from the sidebar on my blog. Check it out when you get a spare moment. She's a fan! We all are in this family, actually!

Rob and Elyse said...

SOOO in love with your home! I want you to come and re-do mine haha! Infact I am really considering making that adorable "hang pictures on clothes pins" thingy - I really think I could do it and make it seem like its an accident, but really its on purpose! What a creative way to get random things up on the wall!

Aubrey said...

so cute. i love it. and you're right, that hutch is fabulous.

amanda jane jones said...

your home is beautiful! I also love the door knobs. :)