Jun 11, 2010

Knotts Berry Farm

One day while visiting CA, Drew & I took the three kiddies to Knotts. We don't have Disneyland passes (and they all three do), so we were hesitant to take them to Knotts, because there are a lot less rides for them to ride than the happiest place on Earth. Luckily, we kept them entertained. Jadey rode her little huff & puff ride about 9 times before she was finally sick of it, and the boys would run and scream thirty feet ahead of us. I had SO MUCH FUN that day and was sad when they got picked up...(so we could spend the rest of the day riding the big rides). I loved how Jadey held onto me when she was nervous, and the faces of the boys when they saw cool things like trains. Pure bliss.

I can't wait to take my kids to an amusement park one day! It's going to be fan-tastic. And I'm pretty sure Drew can't wait either.


Cheryl said...

Such cute pictures!! I love the kissy one.

La Esposa said...

How freaken adorable do you two look carrying all those sweet babies...seriously mija. I loved picturing them as your babies lol.

It'll be fun when it IS your kids. =)