Jun 13, 2010

@ the jacuzzi. do people still call it that?

I'm not really a pool person. I actually would decide to sit on hot concrete all day than go to a pool. Something about the chlorine and the shared, germ infested water makes it all that more less enticing. But, it's nice when the beach is cold and foggy, and my parent's pool is just down the street. We go here when we teach the kids how to swim or after the beach whether it's early morning or night.

The girl in these photos is my little sister Bree. Not me.

Fuji 1600


Boy and Girl said...

I still call it a jacuzzi. Dan thinks that's totally strange, but it's what I've always called it. I'm with ya! By the way, the wreath you made Nat is ridiculous!!! So beautiful!!!! I'm so impressed!

amanda jane jones said...

these are so cute elise.