Jun 8, 2010

Tell me honey

After pleading and pleading, Drew let me show these on my blogs. I love them because they remind me how simple our lives are...waking up to each other....not having too many worries besides how much milk is in the fridge, or if our homework is turned in on time. I need to remember that more often. He's also so dang cute in this, how can I not love them?

Disclaimer: He is not wearing a shirt because it was a hot Sunday morning. He's not ALWAYS without a shirt people. It just gets hot here in the summer, you know?

Fuji 1600 (aka the best- these were not touched in photoshop to fix anything. I overexposed by a smidge.) 

1 comment:

flexMD said...

weren't these taken in MARCH when it was still snowing>>??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
I've never heard anyone say "ohmyhell!" till that one night when these were revealed. I was glad to add that to my vocab...so thank you.

YOu two are the cutest. Glad you love love like we do.