May 21, 2010


Did anyone see last night's Grey's Anatomy's season finale???????? HOLY SMOKES! I was blown away. Most my family was gathered around watching it, my Dad coming in a few minutes after it started (and us rewinding it to the first gun shot), and he just HAD to tell us how many times it was unrealistic and how we would have seen Bailey's own urine sitting next to her after her run-on with the shooter. I know my sis Lindsay watches it, and wished she was sitting next to me, because my hubby doesn't appreciate Meredith and her sarcasm, and doesn't understand the reason I feel I'm related to these characters like Christina or Derek.

I am simply blogging about this now because I want to see if anyone else watched it, and what they thought. Because I dreamt about it, and can watch it ten more times. 

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Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

I wish I was watching it with you but I probably would have embarrassed myself, as I was sobbing like a baby almost the whole time! But, it was one of the best finales EVER!!! Loved and hated it! We need to get together and talk Grey's! Love you!