May 18, 2010

Book-Page Wreaths

Above & below: Medium size- plain white pages with thin lines.
above & below: small wreath- vintage pink tinted pages.

In January of this year, we were making changes in our living room, and had this large wall space above our couch that needed to be filled. I go over to my home-teacher's house because he was going to give me advice for my research paper, and I saw that his wife had made something similar to these wreaths above, but with magazine pages. I was totally inspired and bought all the materials the next day. So I had this massive wreath, one similar to the first two above, then went crazy and made 2 more for my birthday girlfriends. Then I made 7 for the Beehive Bazaar, and then made these two above for my mom (for mother's day) to put in her home. I love it so much and could make one a day and never get sick of it (of course I fall in love with a craft that is very time consuming, and during a time that I should be doing other productive things..very typical.)

If you want one, email me here: You can tell me if you want small, medium, or large, and if you want white pages, or tinted vintage book pages. I wish I had a photo of one I sold at the Beehive Bazaar. I used children books from the 80s and they all had similar colors...and it was so cute! 


Ben + Amanda said...

love love love it! You are so cute and creative

Hope said...

i saw these at the bazaar and wondered if they were yours!

love 'em.

i will probably hit you up for one at some point.

galakoala said...

looks great!

yours truly dear said...

i didnt know you sold at the bazaar! very cool :]