May 11, 2010

So far, this is what I Crave...

If I were to just cheat my gluten free diet and thirty minutes later, get really sick, it'd be:

Sweet Potato Fries from Gurus. (I'm going to start making them myself)
Fried Chicken Taco from Pedros.
Cookie Dough Ice Cream (which is strange b/c I never really ate this before my diet)
Homemade- Better Than (you know what) Cake.

MMMMM. Writing this short list of things I'd love to shove my face in makes me realize how healthy I have to eat. But trust me, I'm slowly finding the junk food and ways to substitute. Coming up on 5 months of living totally gluten free feels really great. I never before had attempted a diet, besides going without soda or carbonated drinks (which I did for 4 years straight until I met Drew & his family).

What inspired this post? I'm watching TLC's "Best Food Ever". They've picked the top 10 bakeries in America and showing us why they're so famous. All of them, every single thing I've seen them make that makes them so popular, contains wheat flour. All of em. Someone start a GF Bakery! PLEASE!