Apr 1, 2010


So you guys all know that album I have been anticipating and raving about?? Well it's ALMOST HERE! And the night it will make it's debut to the outside world is April 10th in Provo, at Velour. It's going to be such a great night. I know I say that about every show because I am a little biased and want people to see how awesome Drew's band really is.. but this is the night to come!

Besides selling their album, they will be selling 'Parlor Hawk' tees and their very own tattoos- (tats i've heard them be called before). OH and buttons! Or pins that you pin to your cute cardigans. I started the first batch of making the buttons (since we got the button machine in the mail yesterday). So those will be fun as well.

During the night, in between the two other bands that will be playing, there will be a great raffle. Giving away their album, t-shirts, tats, pins AND maybe a few packages of all of those combined. So bring EVERYONE and you will probably all take home SOMETHING, whether you got it for free, in the raffle, or you bought it (to support Drew, his band, and all their future endeavors.)

Love you all ! It really would mean a lot to us if you came out to see them this night. There is only TWO other bands that are playing (not three or four, thanks to me and my begging and pleading so I don't get home at 1am.)

See you there!

Above is a photo they just did with local photographer, Matt Clayton . Interesting...huh? Posted as 21st & Ivy's header.


lauren valeen said...

of course drew's bands amazing! who couldn't love parlor hawk. its going to be an amazing night! I've anticipated this night FOREVER!

Melly Mel said...

hahaha those pictures are hilarious!!
i will be missing it by one week! bummer.

jonballphoto said...

Where can I get a copy?

jonballphoto said...

Where do I purchase a copy of the CD?