Apr 5, 2010

This last week and weekend consisted of

10+ cuts or cracks on my fingers
3 trips to home depot
A new BEAUTIFUL baby girl.. born Friday in the Huish family.
Getting lost twice in the hospital. Once with Rik, once with Drew. I get very disoriented when there are no windows for reference. 
Editing engagements.
Using the new button maker to make 200 parlor hawk buttons, and hurting my shoulders for it.
35+ hours helping Drew with his BFA installation. Going back soon.
Making birthday presents (yes, not store bought gifts.)
Band practice in our living room everyday. Finally cleaning it today to let someone come photograph in it.
In N out more than twice.
Missing my color class for Drew's show.
6 hour of sleep- nights.
Lots of diet coke (yes I'm drinking soda again. NO! STOP ME!)
Research paper on Apricot trees in 2 days.
Trying to squeeze in time on Saturday to watch conference. Didn't work out too well.
Wonderful lady's birthday. And her present that burnt my finger many times in hurry to
 get it to her on time.

Let's pray that this week will consist of long nights of sleep and reading this book that I have to read BY Wednesday...uh-oh. For book club.

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Cheryl said...

I loved East of Eden, even though I was totally freaked out by it!