Mar 29, 2010

Another blog?

SO I decided to finally make my GF blog public. It's still in a work in progress and have tons of posts ready to post...but will post as everyday goes by. I really hope this will either make people aware of it, so they too can get diagnosed, or if they are diagnosed, it will help them grocery shop. A lot of us either are actually diagnosed with Celiac, or are diagnosed with an allergy to wheat, and not necessarily "gluten". Others tests have come up negative, even though they are positive they have it, because when they try out the GF diet, their body feels so much better. 

Check it out here and tell your friends and family if they are interested!

(thanks trevor for telling me how negative celiac can sound... because i was going to choose one of the celiac titles, even though everyone voted for this one! asher & halen, thanks for thinking it's cheezy.)


La Esposa said...

the blog looks great so far Elise! Good for you on doing it mija.

Cheryl said...

I have a few friends who have celiac, so I will pass it along.