Mar 11, 2010

Number 3

{print given to me by my high school photo teacher, as a parting gift and I LOVE IT! it inspires me everyday.}

I have been praying and hoping and thinking that I would come up with a solution to figure out what my [school] plans will be in the near future. Drew graduates in a month, while I have a few more credits to pass off than he 5 more. So these have been my worries:

1. I would do spring & summer, 2010 and fall semester, then be completely done. As time has gone on, and weddings have been booked, that doesn't seem reasonable. My teachers would hate me because I would be gone every weekend, plus a few week days.

2. Since we don't have plans to move to California, and Drew is starting to figure things out with Northplatte Records, I might as well prolong my schooling as long as I can (a.k.a. my only birth control). The answer to that, the BFA. If I want to be in the BFA, I have to apply in a few weeks. The BFA is a 2 year program. In December, I will have my BA and the BFA is just a more professional degree. I would be studying subjects that I normally wouldn't study (which is a plus) but I probably will not apply them to my life in the future. 

3. OR I don't do spring & summer, but I do fall & winter, 2011- 5 classes each, a block included in one of them. I was avoiding this at all costs because I can't bear another winter here in Utah. But the more I've been thinking of it, the more satisfied & comforted I feel. I'm glad I have been praying a lot about this because if I haven't been, I would have procrastinated this all together, and when it came time to figure it out, I would have been impulsive and make a decision I'd regret. I've been so set on the first 2 options I never really gave much thought to this one. IDEALLY, I would do my last semester at BYU-Hawaii, since I'm done with my program in December, but it's not ideal for Drew because of his music. He hasn't admitted that yet, but I'm pretty sure that's why he's hesitant. One day I'll make it to Hawaii. One day. 

So Mom, I'm not making it to California right away, but soon enough. And since I won't be in classes from April-September, that means more time with you guys!


kate said...

go to hawaii =]

(but this is a good plan too)

flexMD said...

you're inspiring. i know what you mean about school and birth control... haha.