Mar 10, 2010

You cannot eat ANYTHING!

I am deciding whether or not I want to start a "celiac blog". I have a little book that I write all my notes in, like: 

1. gluten-free recipes
2. gluten-free restaurants in provo, salt lake, orange county
3. what places NOT to go, thinking it would be gluten-free, but they really could care less about accommodating you.
4. when support groups are
5. blogs/websites for people like us.

What do you guys think? I could just put all this info on THIS blog, since it's already an up & going blog... but i want your advice. I think it would be helpful because when I find blogs or websites, I go to it for a lot of help, especially people that are just diagnosed, and the new tricks they are learning.

(i took this photo when in key west, at a little "key lime" place and thought it was funny because all of these products, except the peanut butter, i can't eat. maybe the cocoa powder i can).


Travis and Whitney said...

Elise! haha thats exactly how i feel! I don't want people to come over yet cuz the house isn't "finished" but its fun work to find the perfect things! and yes we should do a double for sure! Also, I want to join your book club (if thats allowed) when do you guys meet?

Estee said...
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m. estelle said...

woman. i know it. it was an accident and then when it was gone i was like "shooooooooooooooooooooooooot"

yes. well, i don't know for sure. for know i know that i have candida. ...but i am starting to feel like it's something more than that. "shoot" again, one hundred times over. problem: i'm addicted to carb/sugar. (fml) so yes. i vote yes. blog about it about maybe the weinies like me will get with the program and help my body rid itself of this ...yuck. (can't think of a better word.

(i believe that i have now made up for deleting my comment.)


Melly Mel said...

you can't have the oatmeal? i have it and feel okay... i don't think the cocca works.