Feb 8, 2010

Seattle 09-10

Walking around the city the first night we got there. I had to take a photo of him holding this mag because that's the first thing he does when he goes to any city (even SLC) ..is check out what there is to do while we're there. Like who is playing shows...where the theatres are.. just like my dad.

Waiting for Drew to go park the car at the hotel.

My aunt & uncle took us to these falls near Bellevue, where they live, and they were so beautiful!

This was New Years..right after midnight. I was woken up to welcome the New Year..then I went right back into slumber. I love drew in this photo! So cute.

When the wedding was over, I went to get Drew out of one of the rooms where the reception was. He was worried it was someone from the wedding, that's why he looks scared.

Seattle was a blast and very rainy..but isn't it always rainy? We stayed at the Sheraton (used priceline) for the first night, which was so fun because we hadn't been alone in what seemed like forever, and when we woke up, we walked, or ran (because of the rain) in the city all day. The one day that it didn't rain was the day that I had to photograph the wedding. I was kinda excited for it to rain when I had the wedding because then I would know how to be prepared from then on out, with snow & rain...but I guess luckily for us, it didn't. So far, we have yet to spend New Years in Utah, as a married couple. I have NEVER spent New Years ever in Utah. Let's see how long that will last :)

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amanda jane said...

i love that photo of you in the ceiling mirror.

Melly Mel said...

so cute elise.