Feb 4, 2010

BW High Key "Beauty"

I took this Tuesday night to turn in for my high key shot yesterday. It was in color (the one I HAD to turn in), so to see that, click here. The class I am in is "classic portraiture" so every week, I will have one or two photos from two different shoots on my photo blog. So keep checking.

Click here to see one I did of Whitney Clawson. Brittney Bean is my official hair/make-up artist. She & I work great together since we've grown up together and can just say it how it is. By the end, I will be giving her a book of all the photographs so she can show to clients.

{it's hard for me to have 2 blogs, because I want to make my photo blog like this blog, but don't want to tell people things about Drew & stuff.... so that's why I have this blog...but then I want to show my photographs on THIS blog...so I can't find a happy medium. Any suggestions?}


ThE RoOkIeS said...

I just realized that I don't have your number anymore for some reason! what the heck! I think its a good idea to have to blogs just so that you don't have people like you mentioned reading about you and drew that you don't really know. but that would be annoying havinkg to post back and forth! Love the photo by the way!

Iva said...

WOW!!! you did this?! this is stunning and amazing!!