Feb 2, 2010

Good News!

Drew, my love bug, is done recording for his 1st, definitely not last, album. I've never see him work so hard at something like he has with this album. He really couldn't be happier and would have never been able to do it at this point in life, if it weren't for the help of  Joshua James. Drew leaves this Thursday afternoon to get on a plane to sunny LA to mix the thousands of tracks (he's been recording for months) with Todd Burke (Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Beck Etc..).  Art work will be finished soon by graphic designer, Mark Weaver, (Drew's Favorite designer!) mastered by Lurssen Mastering in LA probably, then sent to press, then sent to ITUNES, etc etc! Exciting right? We can't be more thrilled. We'll keep you all updated but I think it will be out at then end of March. But that may just be the excitement in me talking.


ThE RoOkIeS said...

How exciting!!!!!!! let me know so I can go buy an album!!!!!!! Congrats on the success!!!!!!!!!

alexismunoadyer said...

aw yeah!!!!

I'm so excited for you guys! This is really amazing!!