Jan 29, 2010

Book Club: Session #1

A few months ago, I was missing something in my life. A book club. And when I told my friend Halen this, she told me that she was missing that too!! So, we figured out that having a book club isn't hard to set up, so we did it, and had our first session 2 weeks ago. We met at Gourmandise in SLC with our new friend Hope being the host. Before the break, we had an appetizer night at Halens, where we brainstormed books, decided who would host the first one, and off we went to reading. What did we read you ask? 

The Thirteenth Tale

Now, this was not the same book {cover} that I found at Borders (above). THIS was the book that I bought at Borders. I try my hardest not to 'judge a book by it's cover'. But I sometimes just have to! Drew & I go to Borders quite often, just to read recent magazines, get hot cocoa and walk around. Usually, I buy my next read there because it's too tempting not to. And often, I will buy a book, literally, by it's cover. Sometimes it works out for me, most the time it doesn't. This one, worked out for me, even though I didn't like the cover.

ANYWAYS, I recommend this book, definitely. It has this dark, gothic feel that I normally don't read so it was refreshing and Diane Setterfield is brilliant in this novel. If you are pregnant with twins, I wouldn't offer this book to you. Or if you even have twins. Okay I'm just spoiling it. Go out and read it and tell me what you think!!

(do you think we should call this brunette book club? i'm hosting next book club, and i'll make that announcement then.)


alexismunoadyer said...

I'm almost through. Pretty fun read!
What's the next book?

Halen said...

So cute! I love our nights together...
Alexis - you have to be at our next one!