Jan 25, 2010

Home decor.

Caitlin gave us these for a wedding gift. So sweet of her right? And she must have used really old photos to paint these because my hair is so short!! These are sitting in our family room...in the walkway.

Cait also made me this for my birthday. She is so crafty & always gives the best gifts! She knows how much I love games so this was just great. I kinda want to hang it somewhere...and take it down when we play it. These were going to be my wedding colors, IF I didn't do an all white wedding. I love them together!

Drew did this of me for a class he was taking way back when we were "just friends" and still in painting classes (2.5 years ago?). We finally found the perfect spot for it and I love the way it sits in our blue bedroom. Once we painted all of our rooms, my mind has opened up a ton on decorating and can't imagine what our home would look like not painted!!

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Melly Mel said...

i love your decor. you guys are great