Feb 10, 2010

19 Minutes

Another one down..who even knows how many more to go. I really enjoy her books but like I've mentioned in previous posts.... I feel like all her characters are meshing together. I read this in a few days, not one day, like I was expecting I would from all the reviews I had read about the book. It was okay but nothing really to make it stand out. Again, the book cover, WHY?? Why the outdated pastel 'GAP-from-1991' clothing and the just terrible image overall?? I kept looking at it to figure out why they even decided that to fit the book...and I still can't figure out why. Maybe because they were "best friends" ? Even in the end? But then, it looks like 2 female arms & hands... ? So it can't be that they were "best friends". Anyone have any insight? Maybe it is a man with a 3-quarter length sleeve shirt, also from Gap-in-1991?
The best part for me was when I read that Jordan McAfee was back in it. He was the defense lawyer from "The Pact". So that was fun. I'll probably wait a while before I read another of hers. I must enjoy her and I can't right now. Too much overload. We are reading THIS for book club right now. We all were a little hesitant to reading this, because either the movie or the trailer alone has tainted our visions, but we are all pleasantly surprised with it so far.


Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

Elise, the food in Thailand was amazing, but the food in cambodia wasn't very good, which is weird because they are right next to each other, it seems like Cambodia could learn a few things, and the flavors are similar, but it is just not nearly as good. Interesting, huh? Miss you!!! Micah and JAde made you valentines yesterday, I need to send them, what is your address?
Love you!

Laura Hendricks said...

I read this book and it seriously bugged.
the cover bugged even more..i totally agree-gap 1991.
i think it might be the two moms? because they used to be besties. i don't know