Feb 12, 2010


This is a screen shot of these 5 photos I took a while ago.. maybe early October?? I don't even remember. Anyways. Drew just put the album release date on the Moses website . Things are moving very smoothly with "Son of Moses" (the new band name, for legal reasons). Drew is still feeling very lucky to have the help that he has been getting, and his perfect band-mates. 

There will be a release-show, April 10 at Velour. Probably on i-tunes a few days before then. If you're not at velour that night, then you better be celebrating Halen's birthday with her. And if Baby Scout comes into the world this night, I will be there! Can't wait for her!

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Jessie Huish said...

ahh that is when the baby is due!! ahhhhhhh! well april 9th!! CRAZY. we are excited. but we won't be there. love you guys!!