Sep 12, 2009

Where is my head?!!?

Last night, I had this TERRIBLE dream. Drew & I were living with my family in our old house in Laguna Niguel (which by the way, all my dreams are set place in), and my parents adopted this 12 month Asian baby. The baby was nice to everyone, and of course everyone loved him because Asian babies are the cutest, but when he and I were alone, this baby would talk to me in an adult voice, and tell me he was going to murder me, and all these crazy things. Well, it went on for a long time because no one would believe me that this baby was on a killing rampage and I was his next target.

I woke up maybe 6-7 times during the night, worried it was real, and because of this, I think my day was a little off. Here are the weird things I did today....

1. We woke up at 9:01 (or looked at the clock by then) and I hurried and jumped up so I could make it to the gym (while checking out garage sales before then). My pilates class (I thought) started at 9:30. ( continue on to finish this thought on #4 )
2. We bought a little table (for our printer under our desk) and I wrote the check. Well, in the line on the check where I write out the amount, I wrote "Two dollars and..." but in the box where I wrote the numbers, I wrote $4.00.
3. On my way to the gym, I realize I wrote that, and was embarrased because I know the kid (Chris Crosby) that I wrote the check out to.
4. I show up to the gym and look at where my class is supposed to be, and there are people doing serious steps moves. Then I remember my Saturday pilates class that I've been going to for a year is at 10:30 and I have never forgotten what time it is.
5. I typed my name "Elyse" to conclude an email. That's what motivated me to write this post.


Mitchell.Lindsay.Micah said...

This might not be the best time to tell you this, but Mitchy and i are adopting an Asian baby! Good Luck! Obviously kidding!!! That is a creepy dream!

Liese said...

Bah! Creepy dream! Sorry your day was so out of whack!

Ben + Amanda said...

bahaha. that is too funny.
have fun in LA!
I am jealous.