Sep 15, 2009


My cute hubby is playing yet another show. This time, it's with his new revised (AMAZING) band called MOSES. It'd be really great to see any of you at the show this Thursday at Velour at 8pm. You will hear music you've never heard before that is on their record (coming this Spring). SEE YOU ALL THERE!

And I'll be there (more motivation to come) doing a lot of this:


Laura Hendricks said...

wish we could be there! :( good luck to drew.
we are thinking of you guys

alexismunoadyer said...

i can't wait! its gonna be so boss.

Cheryl said...

We wanted to go so bad Elise. We planned it for our date night that week. But that was the day I found out I had pneumonia. Let us know the next time. We have to make it one of these times!!!