Sep 23, 2009

Cuz I had a bad day..

Today, I had THEE MOST STRESSFUL DAY OF ALL HISTORY. And really, I made it more stressful on myself than need be, but that's how I am. I am a perfectionist at best, and today was not the day to be perfect at anything. I was telling Drew how it felt like I was watching the world revolve around me, and I was trying to revolve the opposite way because seriously EVERYTHING that could go wrong today, did.

But when I finally was ALMOST done with the day, I came home on my bike and saw this and knew that I could finally take a deep breath. Isn't he a beauty?

I'll be in LA this weekend photographing a wedding. If anyone is up my way (Thousand Oaks), let me know and let's hang out!!


Laura Hendricks said...

husbands always make the day perfect. have fun in LA. miss you guys.

Chelsea G. said...

that is so cute. you are so lucky to have such an awesome husband! i love youu and im sorry you were having a bad day :(