Oct 3, 2009

Book Worm

Something I am very grateful for, is the way my mom raised me to LOVE TO READ. Growing up and now to this day, my mom reads almost everyday. She is known to be able to start and finish a book a day. Well, she and I must have the same taste in the style/genre because she just hands over all of her novels, and I love them! I was thinking about the road trips we would take as a family, and most of the time, my sibilings and I were either sleeping, or reading. My mom would go to the library the day before our trip, and have a bag full of mystery (remember goosebumps?), fiction, non-fiction books..the works. Sometimes, she would even be reading a book that I've been dieing to read, and she would just give it to me the day after she started, cuz she was done!

I'd like to say that I love to read biographies, or autobiographies, and non-fiction books, but that just puts me right to sleep. I've tried it...blah. I love to use my imagination and find reading books much more fun than watching movies. And that's a lot for me to say because my favorite thing is to curl up from the longest day of my life and watch a movie...with treats by my bed.

I have been wanting to start a book club, but when I think about it, it will be quite a piece of work to organize it, and be the leader of the pact, so I kinda just wait until other people start one. I have yet to join one, but maybe sometime soon, my friend Halen will. But I am also afraid of starting book clubs that will not consist of reading fiction books. It's the 'fun novels' that keep me away from movies and my nose in books. And they keep me less stressed out during a school year that I know will just burn me alive if I don't stay focused. So that's what I did these last 7 days. I photographed a wedding in Thousand Oaks, and I knew I'd be on a change-flight schedule both ways, so I brought this book my mom gave me, Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. I finished it this morning and wow, I am so saddened it's over! It has been an intesnse school week, especially since I missed a few days, but I didn't feel so stressed out because I had this book to read every night and in between classes and waiting a red stop light.

So Mom, thanks.

Here's my recent (last 8 months) that I've read.

A GREAT read. Especially if you enjoy court trials. Read this in a few days while driving to and from California. I wish this cover was better. Even the physical copy is pixelated a tad.

This was also a great read. I learned a great deal about the Amish and their culture. She writes so beautiful in this one and when I finished it, I read the last part where Jodi answers people's questions. And one of the questions was how she knew so much and what the research consisted of. Well, she spent one week on an Amish farm with an Amish family. Which is crazy and you find out how crazy it is once you read this. SO READ IT!

Jodi Picoult is a mastermind. I LOVE the way she writes. Well, I just love authors that write so naturally that's it's like she just gets it. She understands the world around us, people and relationships they have, and she has a little bit of sass in all the books she writes, well atleast from the two above that I've read. And also what I love about her style, is that she uses a lot of facts in her novels. She will talk about history, and events that have happened within a few years ago, not decades ago. So I can sorta relate. And it makes me feel comfortable knowing that most of what I am reading is not just a waste of time (because it is fiction and some people look down on that); I'm actually learning.

This was a 'fun novel'. I'm not going to lie, I bought it last winter, thinking that one day I would become the best knitter around (forgetting I'm in Provo where everyone knows how to knit). But I enjoyed it and found myself laughing a lot during it's reading.

I bought this without even reading the back of the book, purely for the amazing photograph, it's color palette and the title. It's a depressing book that's full of things I hope never happens in my lifetime.

a funny story about when I bought Daniel Isn't Talking:
We were with our friends, the Holy Hendricks, and in Vegas of all places. We stop at this thift store, maybe it was a Savers, and because I get extremely overwhelmed shopping, especially at thrift stores, I go to the front where the books are set up. I look for a few books that I can read while on the trip because my camera's manual book wasn't exciting enough. I found Daniel Isn't Talking and The Atonement. And I got another one but I forgot what it was. Well, the three of them were still shopping, so I organized (cuz I am organizer nut-case!) the front, right section of the library bookshelves in the thrift store..by author. And we found there are a LOT of Romance Novels by the same female author, and a LOT of James Patterson (which by the way I read a ton in high school).


Halen said...

We just need to choose a day, and start the book club! And don't worry, you can choose a Fiction book on your month! : ) Can I borrow your Jodi Piccoult that you just finished? I'd love a good read for my flight to NYC next week...

Laura Hendricks said...

oh good i'm glad you liked the gift!you're welcome :) our address is
91 franklin street
harrisonburg VA 22801
girl. read "life of pi" . just finished it...really good. it's fiction.

cheryl said...

Makes me love you and your mom even more!! Read Lynn Austin novels, my favs are Eve's Daughters, and the Refiner's Fire series, oh and Hidden Places!!

Hillary said...
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Hillary said...

I love love love Jodi Picoult ... amazing author. Do you know of any good SHORT biographies or autobiographies? I need to read one for class and it seems like we have similar taste in books.