Sep 8, 2009

Grey's stinkin Anatomy

"Back in May when last season's final show aired, every place in New York City was empty. You could get a table at the best restaurants." entertainmentweekly

You guys, I'm not just a fan of Grey's Anatomy. I am ADDICTED. Addiction isn't a good thing. In fact, we are taught in church and in the scriptures all the time how we need to stay away from any form of it. I just can't with Grey's Anatomy.

I started watching it in the middle of Season 3. My mom had been watching it every Thursday, and one Thursday in high school I just sat and watched it with her. Ever since that Thursday night, I have been hooked. So now that season 5 was done, I realized, well I hadn't ever seen Season 1 & 2! Did I miss a lot? Well, Heather starts telling me that Taylor somehow saw the last part of Season 5 finale, and wanted to know why everything was happening that way. Basically, he was hooked and all it was for him was one Thursday night. Luckily, his sisters had all the DVDs previous to season 5, and they started watching from the beginning. Yes, I did borrow them. And yes I continue to watch them (I'm on season 4, even though I've seen it all, every minute.)

My justification: editing photos. I sit there, spending hours and hours and hours in our home office, in the dark, editing, burning discs, emailing, deleting, saving, blogging...the list goes why not watch my favorite TV drama while doing this? (If any of you know the show, you know that when I say 'drama', I'm not using the word lightly.) I almost dread the day when I am caught up, again, and have to watch it week by week, and not whenever I please. And I am also hoping that ABC doesn't randomly stop the show in the middle of the season, and start back up at the end of the season. That was weird last season.

See the face of Meredith up there? She looks so happy and content and satisfied and comfortable...that's the face I have when I watch. Except half of the time I am either crying with joy, or traumatized and sad about the person that just died in OR2.


Laura Hendricks said...

haha elise you crack me up. i am in that horrible stage of waiting every friday to watch the new episodes of project runway. i hate that i can only watch one a week!
everyone needs one addiction. you are justified...coming from the girl with no conscience.

meeshw said...

I'm a fan too.:)