Aug 24, 2009

Now that I am 21, here are 21 things I love.

1. All green lights from point a. to point b. (especially when I am rushing, big time.)
2. Getting unexpected mail.
3. The idea of starting a book club.
4. Filling my saturdays with a gillion errands and not being tired by the night time to play.
5. Having my camera with me when it's one of those times I should have it.
6. Seeing a puppy.
7. Running into a friend that you can't stop talking to.
8. Greeting Drew after a show of his and kissing his sweaty face.
9. Re-runs of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
10. Scenes in movies like in Home Alone when McCully is setting up all of his harmful tricks.
11. Dancing with Drew and forgetting to shut the curtains. Then laughing about who probably saw.
12. Feeling a breeze in Provo and pretending it's an ocean breeze.
13. Great, GREAT restaurant service.
14. Being suprised. 
15.  Waking up already snuggling. 
16. Going to the beach without having to get back at any certain time.
17. Reading a book you can't put down.
18. Seeing a really funny movie when you expected it to be bland/typical..
19. Surfing.
20. Grey's Anatomy and not feeling guilty spending my time watching it.
21. Drew's jokes.

What are some things that you love?


Laura Hendricks said...

ah! you had your birthday! happy birthday elise. i miss you! hope it was so good. what did you do? you are going to get mail from me. late birthday mail but it will come.

Andrew Clifford Capener said...


Courtney Calkins said...

Elise! I love you! This is so cute! I just love how happy you are!

meeshw said...

Elise...happy late birthday...but wait 21??? Glad life is good!!!!

Melissa Lundquist said...

I'm so happy that you are 21. I love the things you wrote.