May 29, 2009

An update is needed..

-We are in Texas. Drew is LOVING it! 
-Drew has never been to Texas.
-I found 2 shirts at Marshall's in 5 minutes!!!! ( I was rushed, which makes me think that that's why I actually found something to buy.)
-My grandma is getting rid of all this beautiful furniture and she wants to give it to us. But we don't have a home for all of it yet :/
-We are watching FOX's TV Show, 24. I have seen up to the 5th season (I think) but started at season one with Drew. (thanks to the Woods for owning all of them!) We are at season 2 now and have many nightmares afterwards.
-I can't wait to blog about airplanes and airports.
-Drew has been writing a lot of songs. A lot of gems too.
-I have been needing more sleep. I am tired all the time lately. 
-Nervous to see what our landlord will think tomorrow morning when he goes to put our air conditioning in our bedroom. (he will see our painted bedroom, and we didn't ask permission!)
-I am going home to Orange County by myself from Monday to Saturday. Can't wait to go to the beach all day everyday, and see old friends.
-Drew's thinking of doing independent study for summer semester...
-Will be in the Dallas temple tomorrow morning to see my cousin Carly get married!
-Finally, I have the most amazing website. It doesn't look perfect on fire-fox and especially not internet explorer, so we are fixing those glitches soon.

That's it for now. Talk to ya soon!


Julie said...

Tired, huh?? All the time you say??? Sounds fishy to me!!

Cheryl said...

"I be so scardey" as Livy used to say when I saw your picture! Ok, Texas! There is nothing like it and I am so glad that Drew is already Texas proud and sees its beauty!! It took me 2 years to figure it out. AND 24!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so Ry and I just started watching it, we are on the last episode of Season 1. I have to say, I couldn't stand the first 2 episodes, they should have been rated R, but after that I can't get enough, even though I get nightmares too and totally stressed out.