Jun 2, 2009

{taken during a very long day of shooting my cousin's wedding}

Hi Drew, I miss you! I had a lot of fun with you while in Texas and was so sad to say goodbye. But it won't be long until I leave California and we will be back together in Provo riding bikes, eating way too much food all the time, playing tennis, going to the red box at Smiths, and dancing around our little home while feeling bad for all the victims of hearing the loud rap music. Until I get back, I will hopefully be seeing & catching up some old friends (hint hint), catching up on my sleep, and catching waves in the ocean. 

your bird


Andrew Clifford Capener said...

idin nat fun!?

Heather and Taylor said...


Billings Family said...

How much do I miss you!! I really think you two are the cutest marrieds ever!!!