May 15, 2009

Trips awaiting us!!

Yes, we are living in Provo all summer, and will be here until I graduate... no we will not technically be "living" here all summer. Let me update you on our set plans..

May 28, we're flying to Dallas, Texas to visit family, but mainly to be there for my cousin Carly's wedding and to play photographer. I didn't think Drew was going because it's only 5 days and thought he'd like to stay home and write music, but my family seriously begged me to beg to Drew to go, so he is!

June 28th, we're driving to Las Vegas, then to Southern California to visit family, but mainly to take a vacation with John & Laura. Originally we were going on a cruise, but come on, we can't afford it! Laura wants to show me her hometown, and I want to show her mine. So we'll relax at the pool and have fun with her family that we've heard a ton about, then go down south. We'll then be staying at my grandparent's beach house in Carlsbad for a few days, then make our way to San Clemente to spend the infamous fourth of July. Can't wait!

July 22nd, we're driving back to San Clemente, this time for 3 weeks!! The first week I have a bunch of weddings to photograph in San Diego & Orange County, and then the beach we will be ! We can't wait for Kim & Jake's wedding!!!!! Drew's family will be meeting us around August 8th for their family reunion on Beach Road, so why go back home in between right?

If anyone wants to play while we're in Southern California, let us know!