May 12, 2009

Photos that should have been with my last post...CA!

My favorite of the day.

Typical Mitch.

I would put Micah under the water & he would hold his breath. Next step, no life jacket! Linds said he's getting lessons soon. 



Jack wouldn't let go of Drew..(scared to DEATH of the water!) 

I couldn't let go either :)

Jadey bug taking a nap. 

One of the first days at Doheny. Drew was out there alone, and with another lady that's always at Doheny. He was coming in on this one. We spent lots of time here & san o. (more photographs to come of these...but with a waterproof camera.

This was a game I caught my Dad playing. He would pretend to be asleep and would wake up with a ROAR! They loved it and wouldn't leave him alone for a very long time.

Linds with Jadey.
My turn!

Besides Bopi, Blake is all their best friends.

Congratulations to Heather & Taylor FLORENCE! It was such an honor to be there and celebrate all weekend. Everything about it was perfect and planned to a T and we loved every second of it. She was such a beautiful bride. The bride's you picture in high class wedding magazines. Simple & beautiful. Hope they had a glorious time in Kaui!!!

{many of the photos of the pool, Dad & Bree}
{Wedding photos, compliments to Kristi}


Liese said...

elise, these pictures are fabulous! glad you had such a fun time!

alexismunoadyer said...

great pictures! call me when you're here and we can show you around encinitas and SD.